An Ordination and A New Direction!

It is with great joy and many thanks to our Father above that we announce the ordination of our very own Br. Brenden to the Order of Deacon.

20170730_103015The Ordination took place a week ago at the Kholo Gardens Church at the hands of Archbishop David Leet of our sister Church the Reformed Old Catholic Church.

With the announcement of this most glorious event comes a partner announcement of a change for what was the Oratory of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.  The Oratory has not ceased to exist but has taken its place as the worship space for a broader organisation named the House of St. Agnes of Montepulciano.

During his ministry discernment and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Rev. Br. Brenden has come to the realisation that he is being called to renew the contemplative tradition within the Dominican Family as expressed in the Order of Preachers, Independent.

20170730_111208The House of St Agnes is a re-interpretation of the mission of the contemplative sisters founded by Saint Dominic. As such the House will focus on prayer before the Lord as the means to enable the preaching and teaching mission of the Order. This does not mean that Br. Brenden will become silent or enclosed, but rather that he will endeavour to embody the spirit and ethos of Dominican contemplation in all that he does and re-introduce the concept of the Dominican Contemplative to the contemporary, independent expressions of the Dominican Family.

So watch this space as the life of the House of Saint Agnes of Montepulciano develops and as this new and exciting ministry finds its place within the life of the broader Church and Order of Preachers, Independent.


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