What do we believe?

It’s not only important to know what we believe, but why we believe what we do, and from whence those beliefs come.  The House of St Agnes is proud to declare that it is firmly rooted in the catholic faith whilst being committed to the principles of what is termed Inclusive Orthodoxy. This means that we maintain the traditional orthodox catholic faith of the Church whilst being truly and radically inclusive.

Inclusive Orthodoxy seeks a revitalization of the faith, which is both orthodox in theology and grounded in the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—a message of love, a proclamation of hope for the oppressed, an invitation towards all regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We are calling for the Church to extend its inclusivity upon the foundation of Christian orthodoxy, and to embrace the radical implications of the Gospel message, not despite Scripture and Tradition, but in light of it. – Inclusive Orthodoxy Website

As declarations of the doctrinal principles of the House of St Agnes we adhere to the historic creeds of the Catholic Church interpreted in their traditional sense.  We also confirm the Catechetical Instructions of St Thomas Aquinas (re-interpreted where needed through an Inclusive Orthodox lense) as being a sound elucidation of our faith.

The belief statements of the Unified Old Catholic Church and the Order of Preachers, Independent are also assented to and can be found by clicking on the following graphics:



Unified Old Catholic Church





Order of Preachers, Independent